Building multi-agent automation workflows using lyzr-automata ( workshop)

Shreyas Kapale (~shreyas80)




Lyzr Automata is a multi-agent automation/ orchestration framework designed to keep things simple, with a focus on workflow efficiency and effectiveness. It enables the creation of multiple agents that are coupled with specific tasks. The agents and tasks can run independently and complete the provided instructions, thus entering a stable state.The agentic system is a hot topic currently, and given the non-deterministic nature of LLM systems, along with the need for simple building blocks to construct workflows, there has arisen a need for an orchestration system and a directed flow automation framework. This proposal aims to discuss a newly released Python package named lyzr-automata, which facilitates the easy creation of multi-agent automation workflows.

  1. Explaining fundamental concepts of Automata framework ( 60 mins )
  • Creating models
    In depth explanation about available text and image models
  • Agents with memory Using llama Index and open-ai assistants retrieval as memory
  • Tasks
  • Tools Building your own tool and connecting it with Automata

  • Workflows

  1. News letter automation workflow in depth using lyzr-automata (30 mins )

  2. Simple example of building a Linkedin post automation workflow using Automata. (30 mins ) -

  3. Demoing a project built on Automata called Jason ( A email based sales agent which can auto reply and try selling products/services to prospects) ( 10 mins )

  4. explaining about the next steps of automata and how its going to evolve as a framework ( 10 mins )


  1. Has used ChatGPT before
    1. Basics of Python

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