Building Accessible Web Experiences with Python

Khushboo Verma (~khushboo3)




Imagine the web as a giant library, but some people can't get in because the stairs are too high, the door is too narrow, or the signs are only in braille. That's what happens when websites aren't accessible!

In this session, we'll explore how Python acts as a powerful toolkit for championing accessibility in web development. We'll delve into two key areas:

  1. Automating Accessibility Testing with Python: We'll discover how libraries like Selenium and PyTest can be leveraged to create automated tests that simulate user interactions with disabilities. This approach will equip you to identify and resolve accessibility issues early in the development process.

  2. Leveraging Python for Accessibility Research: We'll explore how Python's data analysis capabilities, through libraries like NumPy and Pandas, empower accessibility research. We'll discuss how researchers use Python to analyze data from accessibility testing tools, discover user behavior patterns, and contribute to the creation of improved accessibility evaluation methods.

And why do we need to discuss this? Think of it like building a ramp next to the stairs in the library. It doesn't just help people with wheelchairs, it also helps parents with strollers, people carrying heavy bags, and anyone who just wants an easier way in. Web accessibility is like that ramp, making the web more inclusive and enjoyable for everyone!



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Khushboo is a Software Engineer at Appwrite and is passionate about technology, open-source and building communities. She has previously worked at Microsoft and Adobe. Having a passion for public speaking, she has delivered talks at over 100 events including Microsoft Build and FOSSASIA Summit and has a solid social media presence of 200K+ across Twitter and LinkedIn. She is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in communities.

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