Automating the Web Workflows: How LLMs are Redefining Data Extraction and Processing

Saurav Jain (~souravjain540)




Today, getting information from the web can be really tricky and slow if you stick to the old ways. But what if we could make this process super smooth and smart with the help of AI?

That's where Apify and Large Language Models (LLMs), like ChatGPT, come into play. Imagine being able to grab and organize web data easily, helping companies like Intercom get the info they need without the headache.

This talk is all about how we're making that happen. We'll share stories from the trenches on moving from the slow, manual clicks to an automated, AI-powered process. You'll get a peek into the new tools we're using to make web data collection a breeze.

If you're curious about how the web can work better for us all with a little AI magic, you're in the right place. Get ready to see the web in a whole new light!

Speaker Info:

Saurav Jain, Apify's Developer Community Manager, excels in community building and devrel. With a history of growing Amplication's community to 40K, he now enhances Apify's developer engagement. An international speaker, he has contributed to PyCon Ireland, PyCon Italy, and more. His work bridges developers globally, fostering innovation and collaboration within the tech ecosystem. His expertise and passion for technology make him a pivotal figure in nurturing tech communities.

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Section: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Type: Talk
Target Audience: Intermediate
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