Asynchronous Programming in Python using asyncio

Tankala Ashok (~tankala)




We all love Python and we know by default our code runs synchronously. So by default, we do things in a synchronous fashion which is not bad but in some cases, it’s bad, in some places asynchronous ways make sense.


  1. I will take an example to show how we can do synchronously and asynchronously.

  2. From there I will cover about asyncio to understand that will start from generator and coroutine.

  3. Then I will take a simple example and show how to write.

  4. From that example I will take to a medium-level program which is hitting multiple API requests with rate limiting.


They should know basics of Python

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My name is Ashok Tankala. I am a Fractional CTO. I have 16+ years of experience in the software industry. I am the founder of

I gave talks previously at meetups, PyConf Hyderabad and FlaskCon.

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