Ansys Python Manager - Python QT app for Python installation, creation and management of virtual environments

Abhishek Chitwar (~abhishekchitwar)




The Ansys Python Manager is a collaborative open source Python QT app developed by various groups within Ansys for beginner and intermediate Python users. This efficient tool has garnered significant popularity and received positive feedback for its capability to streamline Python usage, simplify virtual environment management.

The features offered by the Ansys Python Manager include Python installation, creation, and management of virtual environments, and the available ways to initiate Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) & Development environments.

Additionally, the package management capabilities of the Ansys Python Manager cover the installation of PyAnsys packages and the management of dependencies. Moreover, the Ansys Python Manager provides access to PyAnsys documentation.


  • What is the Ansys Python Manager?​

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  • Introduction to Ansys Python Manager​

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No prior experience is required.

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  • Abhishek Chitwar Master of Engineering in Mechanical (Heat & Power Engineering), working as Lead Application Engineer at Ansys, with focus is on Methods Development and utilizing the PyAnsys ecosystem. With a background in engineering software development, I have experience in developing aero-thermal modeling tools, physics-based analytics that incorporates AI/ML and application of CFD for the design of turbo-machinery e.g., Centrifugal Pumps, Compressors & Turbines. I am passionate about learning and growing my knowledge in modern engineering simulation solutions and enterprise solutions development utilizing python open/close source ecosystem.

  • Sakthi Prakash R As a Senior Engineer at Ansys, specializing in DevOps and Python, particularly in deploying PyAnsys-based solutions, I ensure seamless integration and adoption of our solutions, leveraging my proficiency as a Python developer. With expertise in implementing CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, Git, and Docker, I monitor pipeline performance and enhance efficiency with data-related Python libraries like SciPy, NumPy, and Matplotlib. Certified as an Associate Cloud Engineer by Google and with Azure Fundamentals certification, I excel in Kubernetes deployments, utilizing Helm charts for blue-green and canary deployment approaches. My commitment to innovation drives me to stay updated on the latest technologies, ensuring our solutions remain at the forefront of industry standards.

  • Tushar Bana A Senior Application Engineer at Ansys, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from MIT Pune. His expertise lies in DevOps practices, including implementation for Ansys solutions and PyAnsys. Tushar is well-versed in CI/CD tools like GitHub Actions, Jenkins, and CircleCI. He also has extensive experience with cloud technologies (AWS, GCP, Azure), infrastructure-as-code languages (Terraform, CloudFormation), and configuration management tools. Tushar’s passion for Python drives his work, and he eagerly explores cutting-edge concepts such as computer vision, AI/ML, and data engineering. His knack for automating workflow processes and quick grasp of new technical concepts make him a valuable asset.

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