A Python-Based Voice Assistant for DevOps, Chatbot, Diagram as Code, Security

Reetesh Nigam (~reetesh2)




Abstract: I would like to discuss a Python-based voice assistant for our day-to-day activities. It uses speech recognition and ChatGPT to interpret user commands, and it uses dialogue management to maintain a conversation with the user. It supports context-aware computing, allowing it to understand and respond appropriately to user requests. Voice assistants have become an increasingly popular technology in recent years, with applications ranging from personal assistants to smart home automation. In this talk, we will explore the capabilities of a Python-based voice assistant in the context of DevOps, Chatbot development, Architecture as Code, and Security tasks. By leveraging the power of voice recognition and synthesis, we can create a more efficient and intuitive workflow for automating these tasks.

Keywords: Python, voice assistant, speech recognition, ChatGPT, Diagram as Code, DevOps and Security.



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Reetesh is a seasoned software expert with more than 15+ years of expertise in process automation and development. He is presently a vice president at J P Morgan. Reetesh is presently responsible for overseeing the Python development team. He has worked in a variety of industries, including banking, healthcare, infrastructure, and automation, and he has vast expertise in designing business applications. His primary interests are in the areas of infrastructure, cloud, and SRE. I have given talk in multiple forums, recently I have presented similar talk in Bangpypers https://github.com/bangpypers/meetup-talks/issues/8


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