A faster way to build and share data apps with Pure Python

Sanjay Jacob Johny (~san45)




This talk provides an overview of Streamlit, web app framework for building data science applications in Python. With Streamlit, developers can quickly create interactive visualizations, data exploration tools, and machine learning applications without having to worry about the underlying web infrastructure. It automatically takes care of the web server, user interface, and data flow, allowing users to focus on building the app’s core logic

This talk covers the following sections

  1. Introduction to Streamlit Framework (2m)
  2. How I used Streamlit Framework to build a custom AWS cost calculator with few lines of code(15m)
  3. Best practices on building applications using Streamlit Framework (5m)
  4. Streamlit application deployment strategies (3min)

Who the talk is for: Folks with limited time to create beautiful web apps without writing a single line of HTML / CSS / JS


Basic Python knowledge

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Speaker Info:

Sanjay is a seasoned SRE engineer currently working with Cisco. Prior to that he worked with companies like Walmart, Zynga. He is an opensource contributor and conducts coding workshops for underprivileged children in Python

Section: Python in Web and Applications
Type: Talk
Target Audience: Beginner
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