A Brief History of Python Web Frameworks

Nafiul Islam (~gamesbrainiac)




Python is currently a powerhouse when it comes to web development. But, how did it all start? We explore Python's humble web development beginnings, from CGI to WSGI and the eventual rise of large frameworks like Django, and smaller ones like Flask and FastAPI. This talk goes not only into the frameworks themselves, but the problems they solved and the solutions that they proposed.


  • Introduction of the topic and the Speaker [3m]
  • Zope and its effect [5m]: This part of the talk focuses on the effect of Zope, arguably the first web framework in Python, but was much more than that. It will also dive into how Zope failed
  • Post Zope World [10m]: This part of the talk will go into detail about frameworks like Quixote, Webware, and other frameworks that showed how the Python world struggled with the rise of Java in the Web Space.
  • Rise of Django [5m]: This part of the talk will focus on Django and adjacent web frameworks such as Turbo Gears.
  • The Future [3m]: What frameworks are up and coming? What problems do we still need to solve?



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Nafiul Islam is a Software Engineer, Speaker and Author. With more than a decade of development experience, Nafiul loves talking about developer experience and how to make it better. Nafiul currently works at Sonar as the Developer Advocate for Python. Previously, he worked at JetBrains and Microsoft.

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Section: Python in Web and Applications
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