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This is a app I wrote to overcome a issues of exchanging result files among testing engineers and Developers. This app is developed using Python Flask module,

About the app: The work of this app is very simple It let you Upload, download and Replace Files ( via WUI, CLI and API's ). It has two roles ( we can change the number via config file ) one is Tester and another is Developer where a Tester can upload and Replace files and can share the URL with the Developer.

How we use it: In our case we are working in different regions across the globe so we need to share some result files with the developers and tester so we use it's WUI to share files with them,. In our Automaton we use it's CLI feature to pass the flags and Perform operations on the files. App has API's those are running on the Server so user can hit them also foe Uploading and Downloading files.

How to use: Just visit the GitHub repo and run the file or build the container image If want to run the app as a container.


Python >= 3.6 OS: Linux

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Hi, Vipin Kumar here work as a Quality Engineer at RedHat, I had a working experience of 1.5 Years, My work based on technologies like Python, Jenkins, Ansible and OpenStack. I use a lot of Python based tools like Behave, Allure, Selenium etc. and The FileServer.

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