Quantum Computing - An Untouched Realm?

shubhayan saha (~ShubhayanS)


Quantum Computing is the art of using all the possibilities that the laws of quantum mechanics give us to solve computational problems. Conventional, or "Classical" computers (like the one used to build this document) only use a small subset of these possibilities. In essence, they compute in the same way that people compute by hand. There are many results about the wonderful things we would be able to do if only we had a large enough quantum computer. The most important of these is probably that we would be able to perform simulations of quantum mechanical processes in physics, chemistry, and biology, which will never come within the range of classical computers. In classical computing, uncertainty is unacceptable. With quantum computers, however, it’s an asset. But, Quantum computers shine when solving involves numbers or data crunching with huge amounts of inputs.

To perform Quantum Computing we have Qiskit. It is an open-source python-based quantum computing software development framework. It provides tools for creating and manipulating quantum programs and running them on prototype quantum devices on IBM Q Experience or on simulators on a local computer. It can also be interpreted as SDK for Quantum Computing. Qiskit can help you work with Quantum Computing with the comfort of your own laptop.


This is a beginner-level tutorial geared toward those who want to learn and get started with programming on Quantum Computers. This tutorial also assumes prior knowledge of basic Python and some experience in general programming language concepts.

Introduction - What is Quantum Computing? Qiskit - The Language of IBM Q Basic Fundamentals for Quantum Computing Writing the first Program on Quantum - “Hello World” Program Future Works

At the end of this talk, the audience will gain a headstart on getting started with Quantum Computing which is growing rapidly in the field of technology.

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Shubhayan Saha - Hello, I am shubhayan, a full-Stack LAMP and AI Developer. My work experiences include working with Projects from UC Davis, Queensland University along with the Government of Maharastra and UP. I have also been working recently as a full stack developer at an NYU incubated startup Gaius Networks.

Soumya Sinha - I am Soumya Sinha, my work interests lie in the field of Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI. I interned at NUS, Singapore, and worked under the Government of UP for AI and blockchain-based projects. I have also worked under HPE mentors in data analytics as well. So any AI devs can ping me up!

Arya Shekhar Bandopadyay - I am Arya, a full-stack dev with a Special Interest in AI and Business Analytics. My work experiences include working for Amazon in Data analytics, working with many startups for business analytics and modeling in customer analysis, working for a UP govt Project on the blockchain, working on Cyber Security approaches with Machine Learning in collaboration with the University of Kent, and presenting a paper in International Conference on it and winning the best paper. I have also worked for Red Fox Labs in collaboration with the University of Southern California on World Stock Market and Unemployment and Red fox Labs again in collaboration with None other than Ubisoft for game research.

So any Game enthusiast can ping me up!

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Github - github.com/ShubhayanS , Website - shubhayans.ml

Github - github.com/Soumyasinha29

Github - github.com/aryasbandopadhyay

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