Python for linear programming : Let's create an IPL schedule in Python

Samrudha Kelkar (~samrudh)


Python is heavily used in scientific computing. In this talk, let's discuss how can we achieve optimization tasks using linear programming and optimization in python. To demonstrate the possibilities, we will build an IPL schedule using multiple rules coded in an optimization framework


  1. Introduction to optimization
  2. Linear optimization, PuLP package
  3. Framework
  4. IPL problem formulation
  5. Results


Basic Python Basic Mathematics

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Samrudha works as a senior data scientist with a UK-based travel and tourism company. He completed his master's from IIT, Bombay, and worked with the data science teams at Spiceworks, DBS Bank, and Honeywell. He has been attending Pycon for the last 3 years and enjoys being part of the India Python community

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Section: Scientific Computing
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