Python & Continuous Integration 101

Mario García (~mario62)


Ready to release your web project? Choosing the right CI/CD tool, when to containerize your project, what configuration files to create and what security tools to use depend on the technologies you're using for building your app and the platform chosen for deployment. Through this workshop you will learn how to use GitLab CI for running tests on your Python project and publishing your app on a cloud platform like Heroku, Google App Engine, etc, and what security tools you can use to scan your project.


Previous experience with Python[HTML_REMOVED] Previous experience with Git[HTML_REMOVED] Be familiar with the command line

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An active Open Source user and contributor for over a decade. Speaker at tech and innovation events since 2008, has attended events in Latin America and Europe. Member of global programs including GitLab Heroes, GitKraken Ambassadors and Hashicorp Ambassadors. A Web Developer with experience in backend development with Rust and Python. Writes on DEV and PuntoTech.


Section: Developer tools and automation
Type: Workshop
Target Audience: Beginner
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