Python and the Inversion of Control

David Seddon (~seddonym)


Inversion of Control, in which software provides a mechanism for other code to plug into, is a powerful way of modularising code. It may sound complicated, but it can be achieved in Python with very little work. In this talk we'll examine three different techniques for doing this.


Basic Python.

While I've put a target audience of 'intermediate', the talk should be suitable for all levels of experience.

Speaker Info:

David is a developer at Kraken Technologies, building software for energy companies to supply greener, fairer energy. The software platform, known as Kraken, supports the energy supply of millions of customers worldwide.

David likes clean application architecture and code that humans can understand. He is particularly interested in Domain Driven Design, and what it has to offer the Python community.

He regularly blogs and speaks about Python: you can read / see / listen to more on his website.

He is also the creator and maintainer of Import Linter, a tool for linting the architecture of Python projects.

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Section: Core Python
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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