"Python" "Anaconda" "spiders'("Spyder") use in programming now I am confused what Child understand!!

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In this Project I am sharing my ideas about how life can sound and look and we all take role of python language in one step ahead of life with simple logical thinking like a small kid will talk about what really means by "it Enhance Life Quality?"


Any one Can Attended who is Interested in one Glimpse in the future house Genie or Epiphany of Words

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This is short Video of my upcoming Talk on

"Python" "Anaconda" "spiders'("Spyder") use in programming now I am confused what Child understand!! "

I think it already Change you are life by just being there upgrading you are life style and home work at least Word sound more friendly then ever.

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Hi, I am

Rohit Kanyal

One Creative Writer who work on different topic related to

Future of Life Styles author of blog An Electronic Engineering like To Change the world in to a place where Every one have their own type of best Lifestyle.

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Future of lifestyles

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