pySummarize - Visualizing data without leaving the terminal

Ranjan Mohan (~ranjan26)


As developers, all of us have taken copious amounts of data from application logs, datasets etc and used several tools like splunk, elastic search, excel etc to visualize. Setting up a pipeline, exporting it to a machine with a desktop environment, cost of license are all hurdles to setting up dashboards for visualizing data. That's exactly the problem area that this tool is trying to address. For some elementary visualizations such as timelines and frequency distribution, we can visualize it as bar graphs in the terminal itself, saving us all the aforementioned hurdles! This session will highlight summarize, a tool we developed in python to make basic log and data set visualization in the terminal possible. It can also be integrated with enterprise python applications to generate visual outptut in text files along with the logs. If you ever spend time looking through application logs or datasets, then this presentation is for you!


None. People who don't have experience in Python can use it as a standalone tool. People who have a bit of experience in Python can integrate it with their python applications.

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A software developer with 5 years of experience in the industry and interest towards open source and cybersecurity. He has incepted several open source projects ( and has worked on software development process improvements that has reduced time to deployment by at least 30%.

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I'm a new speaker to PyCon India. Just started presenting in conferences this year. Would love to be a part of the PyCon community! [HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED] [HTML_REMOVED]

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