Profiling and optimising Python code

Jatin Goel (~jatin15)


Profiling and optimising your Python code

Abstract of the talk

You use Python day-in and day-out and you must have seen or heard thousands of folks complaining about Python being slow. To some extent it's true, but that doesn't mean people don't use it. There are 2 ways to solve a problem, the easy way or the Pythonic way.

In this talk, we'll go over how you can profile your python code, optimise your python code to be more efficient while adhering to the Zen of Python.

  1. Briefly talk about Python language and parts that contribute to the longer execution time [5-7 mins]
  2. What is Profiling and how it helps to recognise the performance of your code [7 mins]
  3. Optimising your python code [10 mins]
  4. QnA [5 mins]

Let's do things the Pythonic way

P.S.> This talk is more towards Beginners but I have selected the Target Audience as Intermediate considering a lot of Pythonistas may also be curious to learn more about this.


Basic Python

Speaker Info:

Jatin comes with a total of 5.7+ years of industry experience ranging from Tools and Automation, Cloud Services, REST APIs, Programmatic Advertising, OAuth integration with a help-desk product integrating GSuite and O365 mailbox(es) to the application via OAuth and currently working on a product for the Healthcare industry, where most part of the journey has been along the lines of Core Python and Standard Library

I am currently working with Innovaccer as Software Engineer II.

You can find me on Twitter @_JatinGoel

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Target Audience: Intermediate
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