Process-based Parallelism in Python

Shivani Sharma (~eshivanisharma)


This workshop will focus on learning parallel programming. Parallel programming is a very simple procedure in which a task is achieved on more than one processor. Here, people will get to know about how to parallelize their code. This workshop is going to be completely hands-on. The topics that are going to be covered in the workshop are: 1. Introduction to Parallel Programming 2. Parallel Programming with mp 3. Parallelize Your Own Code Setup for the workshop: • Install Python. • Download multiprocess package using pip install multiprocess That's all the setup you'd need for the workshop.


• Basic understanding of Python (Till functions) (Resource link provided below) The links 1 is the resource.

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Hi, my name is Shivani and I'm a Python Enthusiast. I graduated from Institute of Applied Medicine and Research in July 2015. I’ve pursued a research internship at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2019. During my internship, I self-taught myself parallel programming to use the Cray XC40 supercomputer at IISc. I teach part time and I also work at a company called BBC. I've given my profile links below. Feel free to connect with me and discuss anything related to Python. I look forward to imparting this knowledge to you all.

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Section: Scientific Computing
Type: Workshop
Target Audience: Intermediate
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