Pothole Detection Using Computer Vision With Real Time Notification System

Mohammed Owais (~mohammed11)


In India over the last two decades, there has been a tremendous increase in the vehicle population. This proliferation of vehicles has led to problems such as traffic congestion and increase in the number of road accidents. Pathetic condition of roads is a boosting factor for traffic congestion and accident. With the increase in world’s population, there has been increasing load on the infrastructure. Roads have been flooded with the vehicular traffic. It has become increasingly difficult to manage this traffic. Many factors like rains, oil spills, road accidents or inevitable wear and tear make the road difficult to drive upon. Unexpected hurdles on road may cause more accidents.

India, the second most populous Country in the World and a fast-growing economy, is known to have a gigantic network of roads. Roads indirectly and majorly contribute towards the economic growth of the country. Thereby it is extremely essential that the roads are well built and strong. One of the increasing problems the roads are facing is worsened road conditions. Roads are the dominant means of transportation in India today. They carry almost 90% of country’s passenger traffic and 65% of its freight. However, most of the roads in India are narrow and congested with poor surface quality and road maintenance needs are not satisfactorily met. No matter where you are in India, driving is a breath-holding, multi-mirror involving, potentially life-threatening affair.

Potholes, formed due to heavy rains and movement of heavy vehicles, also become a major reason for traumatic accidents and loss of human lives. According to the survey report by TIMES OF INDIA, 2017, by the ministry of road transport and highways, a total of about 2,18,876 people had lost their lives due to fatal road accidents. During the years from 2013 to 2016 nearly 11,386 fatalities were due to poor condition of roads.

To address the above-mentioned problems, a cost-effective solution is needed that collects the information about the severity of potholes and humps and also helps drivers to drive safely. With my proposed system "Pothole Detection Using Computer Vision With Real Time Notification System" an attempt has been made to endorse drivers to ward off the accidents caused due to potholes and raised humps. Potholes have become a serious concern for the public and has become a major factor in road fatalities. Hence this project was developed to deal with this Societal Concerns

Agenda/Outline for Talk (Crafted for 30 mins):

->Intro about my project ->What are we going to achieve in this session?
->What is Computer Vision ?
->What is OpenCV?


1) Conversion of a video/image into a Grey-Scale Image

2) Applying Thresholding Technique

3) Applying Image Blur/Filtering

4) Applying Edge detection Algorithm(Canny Edge Detection)

5) Applying Contour Detection

->The Real Time Notification System:

1) Buzzer System

2) Automated Mail Notification System



->Future Scope



1) Python

2) Basics of OpenCV

3) The most important skill above all which is required in this session is your enthusiasm and willingness to learn new things and apply it practically

Speaker Info:

I am Owais, a third-year undergrad pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science and Engineering at BMS Institute of Technology and Management, India. I am currently working as an intern for The Sparks Foundation in the field of Data Science and Business Analytics. I am interested in Data Science, Machine Learning and AI and have worked on over 10 projects based on ML and Data Science over the past 3 years. I am well experienced in building and working on projects related to Data Science and ML.

I am passionate about creating an impact in the community by exhibiting my technical and leadership skills in the best possible manner. On an individual level I have tried to mentor a handful of students by conducting workshops, hackathons and many other technical events while I have also been providing them with resources and constant guidance.

It is my fond hope to conduct advanced research and get academic recognition by publishing papers and journals. After my education, I am looking forward to working as a researcher or an engineer at reputed companies in a role that involves ML and Data Science

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Linkedin : www.linkedin.com/in/mowais7

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