Personal growth and the Python community

Yashasvi Misra (~yashasvi84)


I owe both my personal and professional growth to communities. As an engineering student in computer science, the first open tech community I joined was PyLadies. I have since then been actively involved in the Python community, always trying to learn and grow. Little did I expect how beneficial that would be. In this session, I will share my journey with the Python community, the impact it had on me, and how it boosted my self-confidence. If you don’t know where to start, join me to explore what I have learned so far.

Talk outline:

  1. What actually is an Open tech community? (2 min)
  2. Journey before joining the Python community - (5 min)
  3. Impact of the Python community. - (5 min)
  4. Benefits of Python community and how to become a part of it - (7 min)
  5. About Pyladies-(5 min)


Anyone interested in becoming a part of the python community and does not know where to start from.

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I am Yashasvi Misra, currently in the pre-final year of my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. My current focus: keep learning and getting experience, which includes preparing a research paper under the guidance of my professor, being a research intern at Samsung PRISM, and working on personal projects. As a member of PyLadies Chennai, a Student Ambassador of the Microsoft Learn Student program, and a Mentor of the Open Source Hack at, I'm passionate about supporting and engaging with communities.

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