Path to Pythonic

Tushar Sadhwani (~tushar29)


What exactly is Pythonic code? What is so special about Python, and what is this mythical knowledge that makes your code much easier to read and understand?

Path to Pythonic is the guide to head start your Python learning journey, in which you will understand what makes Python different from the more traditional languages like C++ or Java, and how to make your code 10x more readable, by using features that you might not know about.

We'll be starting with code that would be considered non-Pythonic, and then with the help of some very nice features that the language provides us, we will piece-by-piece, transform the code into one that's a lot more simple, clean and easy to understand.

Who is this talk for?

  • Developers who are fairly new to Python
  • People who work in another language, and want a quick way to learn Python concepts

Outline of the talk

  • Python's design: made for readability [3 mins]
  • What makes code Pythonic? [10-12 mins]
    • Taking a look at a not-so-pythonic code snippet
    • Figuring out the pain points
    • Introduction to important Python features, and refactoring the code
  • Tips/tricks to make your code instantly more readable [5 mins]
  • Q&A time [3-5 mins]


Basic knowledge of any traditional programming language, like Python, C++, Java, or JavaScript, is all that's needed to be able to follow this talk.

Content URLs:

My presentation: Google Slides | Source code: GitHub

The talk's content is influenced by some of the best Python talks: Beyond PEP8 and Idiomatic Python code given by Raymond Hettinger. Although more than 7 years old, the videos are still worth watching for some context beyond the talk.

Speaker Info:

Tushar Sadhwani is currently a B.Tech student, who has been learning and writing Python for nearly 6 years, and is a proponent of spreading the essence of writing clean, readable code. As the open source culture becomes more and more popular, it is very important to keep our codebases easy to understand for everyone, to make sure that the barrier to entry is as low as possible.

With prior experience in frontend technologies and a drive to teach people, he tries to learn new stuff and spread the word with others, one talk at a time.

Section: Core Python
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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