OSINT NINJA feat Python

Akash Thakur (~zerocool443)


Learn the art and techniques of Open Source Intelligence with Python. It's common among hackers to use pre made tools/scripts to conduct reconnaissance. But have you wondered about bits of making your own tools in a ninja style. This workshop teaches fundamental blocks of Open source intelligence and how to use the power of python to build your custom tools. You can build your data aggregation pipelines by conducting web scrapping and store data in a database for developing intelligence contexts.

OSINT Ninja a journey of learning recon from the root levels with python as your primary skill.

You will learn to perform HTTP requests | Data Parsing | Command Executions | Configurations | Database Storage with your python code. Practise and learn with different networking protocols that are supported by python wrappers available today.

Get hands on some cool python libraries that collect data from available API's on internet. Use you custom code and aggregate to build pipelines for data collection. Learn bit more of automation to save your time.

Learn about Social media OSINT and how you can use available python wrappers for facebook/instagram to create a profiling data.

Practise network osint with available python libraries and get all the data in one shot before your start attempt to pentest a network/infrastructure.

Bonus: Learn out how to build a web gui's for your OSINT frameworks.


A desktop with a Linux terminal. Basics about python coding - using different libraries, I/O, Networking, Data scraping etc. SQL Database basics Aware about ethical Hacking methodologies

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Hi! I’m Akash Thakur. I’m a Bangalore based Developer, Pentester, Trainer and Cyber Security Enthusiast. I work as Network Security Engineer for IBM India. I come from land of Gods aka Himachal Pradesh. I like to dig into different technologies, sometime hack it or try to make it more secure.

Some more bits about me here - https://akashthakur.me/
My codes here - https://github.com/zerocool443 Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/akashthakur1337

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Section: Networking and Security
Type: Workshop
Target Audience: Intermediate
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