Natural Language Processing in 2021

Joydeep Bhattacharjee (~infinite-Joy)



From the start of the field of artificial intelligence, natural language processing has been one of the most dynamic and exciting fields. Recently with the release of the "Attention is all you need" paper by Vaswani which highlighted the awesome power of Attention based modes, there has been huge leaps and bounds in the NLP space. Right now NLP is quite exciting with good prediction power even with "relatively" small amounts of data.

As part of this talk, we will briefly talk about how we reached here, what are the building blocks needed to build "almost" SOTA models and how to integrate them with your products.

Basic Talk Flow:

  • Brief History and word vectors.
  • What are transformers?
  • The new breed of language models - BERT, GPT-2 and other related models
  • Masked Language Modeling and Causal Language Model ?
  • Finetuning model on my task
  • Go to Production
  • The future


A basic understanding of Python and what is machine learning

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Hi I am Joydeep and I work in Yellow Messenger. I have been in love with Python for most of my 10 year career and it has enabled me to build amazing products. I dream that one day everyone will have a personal Jarvis to help and advise in all matters.

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