Mon School - The Joy of Programming

Anand Chitipothu (~anandology)


Learning Programming could be hard. Even more so, when the student has no prior exposure to computers.

Traditional methods of teaching programming puts a lot of emphasis on the syntax of the programming language rather than the fundamemental ideas of programming.

Since last year, I've been playing with different ideas to introduce programming to absolute beginners and have done a bunch of experiemnts.

With this experience, I've designed a new course called the Joy of Programming, introducing programming using creating coding as medium. Students learn programming by writing programs in Python to make the computer draw different sketches.

To make this possible, we've built LiveCode, an interactive system to execute user code in a sandbox and Mon School, a learning platform to deliver this course.

This talk is about this journey, exploring some of these ideas and the technology that went into it.

Did I mention that you can join us as a mentor at Mon School to offer this course to studetns in your neighbouthood?

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Anand has been crafting beautiful software since two decades. He has co-authored, a micro web framework in Python, built Open Library at the Internet Archive, created a machine learning platform at Rorodata, trained hundreds of engineers through his deep-dive courses.

He currently works at the FOSS United Foundation, building Mon School, the social learning platform that offers mentor-driven programming courses.

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