Literature Text Translation & Audio Synthesis using Azure Cognitive Services in Python

Vivek Raja (~vivek13)


"Literature Love" - An open source initiative to read, listen and enjoy literature texts, poems, novels, short stories in your preferred language. Using Azure Cognitive Services, the original literature texts are translated into various languages and audio is generated for the same. The literature texts are being contributed by literature lovers, authors all around the world. Website:

What will you learn in this session - Leveraging Azure Cognitive services and hosting web app in Azure.

Talk Outline

  1. Welcome Note & Speaker Introduction - 3 mins
  2. About Literature Love Open Source Project - 5 min
  3. Introduction to Azure Cognitive Service - 2 mins
  4. Using Azure Cognitive Service for Python SDK for Translation & Text-to-Speech - 10 mins
  5. Hosting the web app in Azure - 3 mins
  6. Literature Text Contribution & Collaboration - 2 mins
  7. Q&A - 5 mins


The prerequisite for the session are basics of Python, APIs and web development (HTML,CSS JS)

  1. Python Programming :

  2. Basic Web Development:

*No Machine Learning experience required

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Vivek Raja P S is working as Data Scientist at NexStem and Organiser at Azure Developer Community Groups in Tamil Nadu. He is also AWS Community Builder for Machine Learning. He is Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist, AI Engineer and Data Engineer. Besides, he loves to mentor hackathon teams, blogging and speaking at various developer groups in the field of AI & Cloud. He is also an active speaker, blogger in various Developer Communities such as at AWS User Group India, TensorFlow User Group, Google Developer Group, Tamil FOSS Community.

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