Is Python Worth Learning for Beginners?

Shawn Ray (~shawn)


This talk is intended for neophytes (beginners), and it will provide a pragmatic view of Python, centralized around why someone should learn Python as a first programming language. The focus of the talk is to provide insight into Python’s many features (and exclusive features), and how it can be utilized for various purposes, such as web development, data science and machine learning, and automation tasks. Python is a go to language for all modern computing needs. Almost anybody can utilize Python, from a student to a corporate professional, and everyone in between. Therefore, this talk will help even complete beginners to understand the intricacies of Python and get started.

Talk Outline
- Motivation (Why Python is so important, and what it can do for you) [3 Min.]
- An Introduction to Python [2 Min.]
- Why Python Was My 1st Choice [5-6 Min.]
- Features (and Exclusive Features) of Python [10 Min.]
- Applications of Python (Where it is used) [1 Min.]
- My Accomplishments (What I have been able to do using Python) [2 Min.]
- Summary [2 Min.]


There are no prerequisites to this talk, we welcome everyone with an interest in learning to code. There will be a takeaway for everyone, beginners, intermediates, and advanced programmers.

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Shawn Ray is an 8th Grader in Texas, USA. He has been the youngest speaker in the history of SciPy India at IIT Bombay. He has delivered a talk and conducted a workshop (From Data to Insight: A case study on Data Analysis using Python) at SciPy India 2020. He has also delivered guest lectures on data analysis using Python for engineering graduates at the Sinhgad Institute of Technology, in Pune, India. He got interested in programming as an avocation, and after having mastered necessary skill sets himself, created a YouTube channel called Coding With Shawn (not monetized) to teach others to code for free, as a community service, where over 15,000 people have benefited, and that is what motivated him to continue with evangelizing Python, and in this journey, he has already taught Python for Beginners in it, and has begun teaching more advanced topics such as NumPy, PANDAS, etc.

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