Introduction to Media pipe: An easy ML solution for complex problems developed by Google

Bhavishya Pandit (~bhavishya59)


Keypoint detection is more like a keystone of the bridge, it might carry lesser weight as compared to other stones but the entire bridge depends on it. Keypoint detection can be understood as a very important computer vision task in which with the help of advanced deep learning algorithms, keypoint are identified and detected.
The best part about this domain of computer vision is its acceptance to open source and its ease to understand the code. Understanding its importance and the wide scope Google developed a library, Mediapipe, which is easy to understand and implement the concept of keypoint detection.

Examples of Keypoint detection:

  1. Pose Estimation
  2. Hand Keypoint detection
  3. Facial feature detection etc.

Applications of Keypoint Detection:

  1. Pose Recognition
  2. Gesture Recognition
  3. Motion Tracking

Who is this workshop for?

  1. Data Science Enthusiasts
  2. Data Scientists/Analysts
  3. Computer Vision Interns/Engineers
  4. AI Enthusiasts
  5. Python Devs


  1. Speaker Introduction
  2. Explaining the meaning of Keypoints
  3. What is Keypoint detection
  4. What are the applications of Keypoint Detection
  5. Basics of OpenCV for beginners in Image Processing
  6. Introduction to Media Pipe
  7. Implementing Hand Keypoint detection using Mediapipe
  8. Implementing Pose Estimation using Mediapipe
  9. Question/Answers


Must have

  1. Basic knowledge of Python
  2. Pycharm community version.
  3. Sound knowledge of OOP concepts would be an add on.

Preferred to have

  1. Basics of Image Processing using Open CV
  2. Basics of Deep Learning

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Speaker Info:

Hi, I am Bhavishya Pandit. I am a Machine Learning Freelancer and a Mentor. I have been a speaker at more than 20 events. Currently, I am a mentor at Girlscript Summer of Code for NeoAlgo. I have development experience using python for over 2 years. My freelance contribution serves the purpose to enable and enhance solutions with the help of AI. I have also been a technical content writer at organisations like Machine Learning India and Analytics India Magazine. My interests lie in Python, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and AR/VR. Apart from that, I hold also a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Chandigarh University.

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