Interactive Dashboards for Data-Visualization using Python

Charu Gupta (~charu82)


Data Visualization has become an important part of any project, presentation. Many a times requirement is to represent lots of data using simple graphs. Another encouragement for Data Visualization directly comes from the advancement of different technological domains such as Machine Learning, IoT, Data Science. As part of this talk I want to show-case the importance and advancement in the area of Data Visualization and share some of my work.

The main objective of this talk is to share the usefulness and requirements of interactive dashboards and compare them with normal static graphs. Then introducing the capabilities of dash-plotly libraries for creating dashboards, interactive charts, automatically data-updating(self-updating) graphs with the help of examples.

Describing the usability of plotly and dash libraries and sharing the components of these libraries. All this will be done with the help of nice and clean code-snippets.

At the end, this talk should give a satisfying feeling to the audience that on the one hand this interactive graphs are eye-catching and on the other hand their creation is also easily do-able.


Knowledge of any Data-Visualization library Matplotlib, Seaborn of Python

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I am Charu Gupta, an MCA (2004 pass out) and MBA(2018 from IIM, Lucknow) currently pursuing my PhD. I have 14+ years of industry experience mainly in the field of Software Development. Throughout my career, I have extensively worked on programming languages like Java, J2EE, Python, Django. I have worked on different databases including RDBMS and no-sql.

I(as one of the founder) have my own startup, a product and training based software company in the name of Agilytics Technologies Pvt Limited. We mainly work in the domain of Web Development, Machine Learning and Data Analytics, GIS.

I had worked as a Subject Matter Expert for Python and Data Analytics in my last engagement, also I have conducted batch training for engineering students and one-to-one sessions for professionals

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