How's the job title - "Quantum Computer Programmer"?

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I think no one has spoken anything about this topic in any Pycon, as per my knowledge

Quantum Computing is an emerging field. It's the next generation of computers because in the current generation we are soon going to break Moore's law, and we won't be able to reduce the size of transistors anymore, because if we reduce the size then Quantum tunneling will start showing effect. Quantum computer is a new and different kind of computer which works on an entirely different set of principles. It's still in its infancy. All big companies like Google Microsoft Honeywell IBM Dwave etc are spending billions on the development and RnD. We are witnessing the birth and development of first quantum computers. It's like being in the 60s or 70s when classical computers were being invented.

What can the audience expect:

  • what is quantum computer
  • how it is better
  • what is the qubit
  • why quantum computers are faster
  • underlying quantum mechanics principles with examples and analogies to make everyone understand the complex topic
  • quantum gates
  • quantum circuit
  • how to code the quantum circuits using python and execute it in real quantum computer


The main part of the talk will be to demonstrate, how we can actually program a real quantum computer using Python. I will run and demonstrate the actual Python program and run it live in a publicly available quantum computer. I will show some basic programs like hello worlds in terms of quantum computers, a few advanced programs, and if time permits, then I will also explain or talk about Shor's algorithm which claims to break the RSA encryption in seconds.

Outcome of talk:

The aim of the talk is to educate, create awareness and let others know, what is a quantum computer, and how they can become first-generation quantum computer programmers. They will become familiar with the topics like quantum gates, quantum circuits, how to code the quantum circuit in python, how to display the circuit, and how to execute the code in an actual quantum computer and also in a simulated quantum computer. The talk will become a starting point for those who will get ignited by the topic and help them to explore more in this fields and contribute toward its development.

Talk Outline

  • 0-5 mins: Introduction to quantum computing.
  • 5-10 mins: Quantum gates.
  • 10-25 mins: Coding Quantum program and executing it.
  • 25-30 mins: closing remarks and questions.


It will be a live demonstration accompanied by code, so there are no slides.


The following list of topics or concepts might help to get the maximum from the talk.

  • Basic knowledge of Physics
  • Basic knowledge of Python
  • Curiosity to learn something new

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Speaker Info:

I am a technology professional with 9+ years of experience in Python. I am currently working as Technical Lead (Python) at SenecaGlobal Inc, Hyderabad, and have previously worked at various software engineering positions with various MNCs like IBM, Harman International, and as a consultant at Google India.

I have done Master of Technology degree from the International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIIT-H).

I have been involved with multiple professional projects in various industrial domains and technical fields. My expertise is in application development, data processing, and analysis, data structures, and algorithms, various non-relational and relational databases, Python, Pyramid, Flask, FastAPI, Celery, RabbitMQ, Cassandra, AWS, and various other tech stacks.

My personal interest is in exploring new technologies, web application development, IoT systems, code in Python to solve problems, and read novels. I also write and share my thoughts occasionally on Quora and Medium.

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