How programming changed my life in a year - from physician to programmer

Loyanne Cristine (~loyannec)


The intention of this talk is to share how my 4-year career transition process went from being a general practitioner to a programmer in one year since many believe it to be a very unusual career change, thus being able to serve as an incentive for people they encounter in stable but unhappy situations, decide to change careers and pursue happiness. I intend to demystify the paradigms that exist behind this process, which is also self-knowledge. Also talking about how and when I thought “I’ve been increasingly sure that I’m doing the right thing” and the insight that led me to develop a skill for Alexa aimed at patients in suspicion or diagnosed with Arterial Hypertension using Python, speaking from a point of view in the context of career transition and not technical.


Since it is a career talk, no technical knowledge is required. It is focused on "Enhancing career knowledge; Generate self-analysis in the public; Subject"

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Loyanne is a Software Engineer Intern of Android at Zendesk, master student in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Medical Research at UCD, she is passionate about the union of health and technology and also an emergency physician with a specialization in Computer Science and Software Development from the National College of Ireland where she developed a skill for Alexa aimed at patients with Arterial Hypertension. With a restless and disruptive mind, she is an enthusiast in Mobile Development, IoT, UX, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Design Thinking, and everything that surrounds the Health-tech area. Whenever possible, she works in the community with Open Source contributions and actively encourages other women to become even more interested in technology. Also, she is a Git and Python lover.

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I performed at Python Brasil 2020: /

And I mentored the HealthData Bootcamp carried out by Google Cloud Brazil in partnership with Dados e Saude: /

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