How I built a user authentication application with Flask and MySQL Database

Ayush Kumar Agarwal (~ayushgrwl365)


The talk is about building a user authentication system. We will be talking about creating a logic to implement signup, login, and logout using python.

Tech Stack:

  1. HTML/CSS/JS for Frontend
  2. MySQL for Database
  3. Flask for rendering the application and CRUD operations
  4. Python Package for Password Encryption

The project in the talk has the following features :

  1. Users can log in only if their credentials are present in the database.

  2. Without logging in, the user cannot go to the next page, even using that particular page's routes.

  3. When logged in, the user can go to other pages using routes or open the link on other tabs

  4. After clicking on logout, the user cannot go to the next page again using routes.

  5. If the email or username already exists in the database, the user will not create the account.


Basic Knowledge in the following will be handy :

  1. HTML , CSS
  2. SQL queries like INSERT, SELECT, WHERE, LIKE
  3. Rendering HTML CSS pages using Flask server.

Deep experience in any of the tech stacks mentioned is not required.

Who's this talk for?

  • Anyone who's curious to know how SQL database can be used in a Flask Application.
  • Anyone who's curious to learn about using Flask as a backend instead of traditional tools like Node and Express.
  • Anyone who's curious to setup a full user authentication system with just a few lines of code and easy readability.
  • Anyone who's curious to learn encrypting password using python package.

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I am a web developer ,currently working at Amadeus Software Labs as a Full Stack Web Developer, Intern. My love for computer science and tech started at Pycon India 2018 and since then I have tried to explore many different tech stacks. I love being involved in the developer community through Twitter, Blogs and Conferences.

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