Getting started with Kubernetes Python Client



The session will be a beginner friendly tutorial on how to interact with a Kubernetes cluster using the official upstream Kubernetes Python client library.

The following is the outline around topics to be covered during the talk:

  • (2 min) Introduction to "The Kubernetes Python Client"
  • (2 min) Setup/Installation
  • (3 min) Connecting to the Kubernetes Cluster (aka api server):
    • from outside the cluster ~ using a config file
    • within the cluster
  • (7.5 min + 7.5 min = 15 min) Exploring examples of using k8s python client
    • typed client
      • demonstrate the creation, listing, patching (update), restarting & deletion of Kubernetes native api objects (such as pods, deployments, nodes, etc)
    • dynamic client
      • demonstrate creation of Kubernetes extended api custom objects using Custom Resource Definition (CRD) & Custom Resources (CR)
      • listing, patching (update), restarting & deletion of the same custom objects created above
  • (3 min) Finally, how to get involved & contribute back to upstream project?
  • (5 min) Slot for QnA


  • Just basic understanding of Kubernetes components & terminologies, like:
    • Cluster
    • Node
    • Deployments
    • Pods
  • Basic knowledge around Python language that includes stuffs like:
    • importing modules with import command.
    • declaring variables
    • defining functions & calling them
  • And last, very basic understanding of how json & yaml file looks like.

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Priyanka Saggu is a Site Reliabilty Engineer (SRE) at Red Hat. She is currently working on cloud based managed-services suite, running on top of OpenShift Dedicated (OSD) platform. She's also an Outreachy'19 alumna under GNOME Foundation.

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Section: Developer tools and automation
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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