Forecasting Stories



  1. Insights and learnings from my 5 years of forecasting knowledge explained in form of stories ( starting at . -> different forms seasonality manifests -> launch forecast -> causal aspects along with time-series
  2. Time-series forecasting in R/Python/Ms Excel class is a possible addition
  3. How forecasting differs across industries in form of recommended models, accuracy measures, predicting granularity etc


Basic Machine learning and forecasting knowledge

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Rajneet is a passionate & result-driven data science leader with 8 years of business & technology experience. She has set up 20+ analytical processes for 5+ fortune 100 clients. She was given the leadership award 'Managing remote teams' for great processes set up.

Being a data science senior manager in eClerx, she is currently handling a team of ~25. She is also leading the Analytics Community of Practice at eClerx focused on up-skilling and engagement. 50+ sessions, 8+ competitions & 75+ presenters involved.

Interestingly she has also been visiting faculty for Symbiosis SCMHRD MBA(BA) batch for 4 years, a speaker at a few webinars and several Analytics articles on linked in, KDNuggets and medium. 250+ professionals have benefited from her course ‘Spreadsheet Modeling’, which is also published on Udemy. Her contributions on 'Analytical problem solving' and 'Data story-telling' have been applauded.

Rajneet has a PG(Machine learning) and an MBA(Marketing). She has anchored/performed in >5 500+ audience concerts.

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Host for 50+ sessions of Data science community of practice and speaker in 3 of them on: 1. Promotional Analytics 2. Data-Science for a Fortune 100 OEM

Guest speaker, SCMHRD Symbiosis, 'Visualization and Story-Telling'

Have 2 seminars planned on 30 May and 6 June, but do not have any links currently.

My Udemy course may help with a glimpse :

Section: Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
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