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I will be talking about the Flask Web Development. Flask is a popular web development framework with python. It is easy to use, beginner friendly and also efficient, scalable and fast. In this session I will be taking many thing about flask like history and origin, Pros and cons and also some demonstration of some basic flask concepts.

Here is How the session continues

  • What is Framework and its benifits
  • Flask introduction
  • Pros and cons of Flask
  • Demonstration of use of Flask in frontend
  • Demonstration of use of Flask in backend
  • Connecting Flask app to MySQL
  • Connection Flask app to MongoDb
  • Some time will be given for Q&A session
  • Conclusion

What will you get out of this session?

A basic idea about a flask framework using which you can build more efficient and scalable websites.


HTML, CSS , basic Javascript and Basic Idea about Python

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I am Kapil Shanbhag a student. I am percieving B.E in Computer Science from KLS Gogte Institute of Technology Belagavi. I am also an apiring Software Devloper who loves to build cool applications and websites. I am also a great admirer of flask framework.

Speaker Links:

My Portfolio : https://shanbhagkapil.web.app/

My Github Profile : https://github.com/Kapilshanbhag09

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