Electric - One of a kind package manager for Windows

Tejas Ravishankar (~XtremeDevX)



Electric is a futuristic, fast package manager built for Windows. Highly optimized for speed and usability, Electric is anywhere from 200% to 1500% faster than other market competitors for installing applications and packages, and has incredible speeds for concurrent/parallel downloading and installation. It's the first windows package manager to officially support multiprocessing and multithreading for installing packages concurrently.

Electric has a python codebase and it's incredibly performant. It's completely open-source and I've been building it over the past 5-6 months.

It's also important to note that there are a few other contributors to the software who supported the project in its birth stages and with small contributions of code.

Status Quo And Motivation

The current market leader Is Chocolatey. With over 8000 actively maintained packages, chocolatey is used by a lot of developers for managing their software. However, the issue with Chocolatey is that package installations fail regularly, and the chocolatey tool is very slow.

This is what motivated me to create electric. It all started off with a small python script to install and uninstall software in the most basic manner and it was more than 5x faster than chocolatey for almost all the software it installed. I soon started creating individual JSON files that electric reads off specifying instructions for electric to install the software. This enabled the idea to scale and I have been working on electric ever since.

What Makes Electric Different

Electric is the first Windows package manager to officially support installing packages parallel using multi-threading. It uses an innovative mechanism to prevent files from being overwritten due to 2 processes running at the same time: a common issue with most package managers out there.

Electric has an innovative configuration feature that allows you to instantly get set up with all the software of another user (whether it be text editors, python packages (pip) or node (npm) packages).


  • Who Am I and my journey as an open-source developer
  • My entry into DevOps (turbocharge package manager for Linux)
  • Motivation to build electric
  • Why Python is great for super-fast development time and building production-ready software
  • Electric vs Chocolatey (and the problems electric aims to resolve)
  • Live Demo Of Electric and Its Speed and Concurrency
  • Advantages of OSS (open-source software)
  • Request for support on the project


Basic Knowledge Of Command Line Applications / Interfaces (CLI's)

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I'm Tejas Ravishankar an open-source loving, passionate 14-year-old Python Developer. I love the python language and am passionate about DevOps and the command line. I've been coding in Python for the past 6 months and I've been coding for the past year.

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