Deploy python apps from dev to prod in minutes: running on Kubernetes & Hybrid Cloud

Mohit Suman (~mohit51)


Currently to develop, debug, deploy an application, a developer needs various toolsets to achieve them together and developers have power of choice now and they drive the decision making for it. We have to embrace this continuity and focus on delivering integrated value to our developer community.

We present OpenShift Connector, a VSCode Extension that aims to simplify the hybrid cloud experience for developers. We will be running this extension that works on top on Kubernetes/OpenShift and helps the developers to create an end-to-end experience from design, code, debug and deploy. We'll start from the ground up, then get a complete automated build. The goal is to enable your developers to focus on code locally, not the infrastructure.

Through the demo presented, you'll see how to deploy a local Python Application on OpenShift on Azure hybrid cloud. The example uses the following scenarios for the end-to-end scenario:

  • Connect directly to hybrid cloud instance of OpenShift from IDE
  • Devfile Integration : Deploy the python application using devfile registry image
  • Deploy Operator-backed services : Operators provide custom resource definitions (CRDs), which you can use to create service instances and link to components
  • Integrated Debugging and Log Viewing/Streaming of the component directly
  • Explore all the Kubernetes resources such as Build Configs, Pods, Projects directly from IDE view

This lets you deploy python apps from dev to prod in minutes, running entirely on Kubernetes and bringing iterative development and deployment flows directly to developers. Thus a ton of easy wins here if you want to deploy apps on the cloud quickly.


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Mohit Suman is based out of beautiful country India. He works as a Product Manager at Red Hat, Developer Tools Team. He holds experience in Product Management, Software Engineering and Architecture in fields ranging from large scale distributed computing and developer productivity. Currently making softwares to enhance the overall developer experience for hybrid-cloud infrastructure. An advocate of open source principles and building a strong community around it. He is a Certified Product Owner, Certified Scrum Master, RHCSA, Red Hat Certified OpenShift Administrator.

When he’s not writing about himself in the third person, Mohit is an avid traveller and loves to explore the beauty around the globe. He is a cricket enthusiast and loves to celebrate happy moments.

Speaker Links:

  • Big Data London, London, 2019
  • Devconf CZ 2019, Brno, Czech Republic, 2020
  • KubeCon NA 2018, Seattle, USA, 2018
  • Devconf CZ 2018, Brno, Czech Republic, 2018
  • Devconf CZ 2019, Brno, Czech Republic, 2019

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