Demystifying Async & Await keywords in Python and JavaScript

Kurian Benoy (~kurianbenoy)


One of the features which is confusing for any programmers when they start out is how to use asynchronous programming. The keywords async and await just was a frightening topic for me for many years. Yet now, I seems to have understood how to use the keywords async and await in both Python and JavaScript.

According to Jet Brains 2020 Survey, the most used language along with Python is JavaScript[1]. As developers need to constantly learn about new languages and with this talk I will be diving a bit into the programming paradigms used to implement async and await in both languages.

The talk will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Asynchronous Programming
  • Why concurrency?
  • A history of how this keywords got implemented in both the languages
  • Explaining usage of async and await in JavaScript
  • When and how to use it with a sample example in JavaScript
  • What are EventLoops?
  • Using async and await in Python
  • When to use async and await in Python
  • Sample example in Python
  • Ending with a RAP song on async/await



This talk is for anyone who is confused about the two keywords async and await in python and have been afraid to write concurrent code like me in python and JavaScript. Some basic knowledge of Python and JavaScript will be helpful

Speaker Info:

Kurian Benoy is currently working as an SE-Data Scientist in AOT Technologies. He is a Kaggle expert, with an interest in working on data science problems in Deep Learning and Computer Vision. He was a Google CodeIn mentor for Tensorflow in 2019, and has worked for open-source organizations like Keras, DVC, Swathanthra Malayalam Computing over the year.

Kurian has previously spoken in Pycon India 2019 about ML Models and Dataset Versioning. Also has given a talk in FOSSASIA Open Tech submit about the team and ML Models and Dataset Versioning.

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