Data Story-telling - Art to Science



Data science as much an art as science

The story-telling of our insights is the last mile challenge that is often missed, and will be the focus area for this session.

This session through stories and case studies would cover the best practices to tailor your story as per audience and message. It will be and extension of visualization, but focused on process rather than tools and technology. Details:

  1. Customizing message for different audiences
  2. Touch points
  3. Visualization best practices


No specific pre requisites

Speaker Info:

Rajneet is a passionate & result-driven data science leader with 8 years of business & technology experience. She has set up 20+ analytical processes for 5+ fortune 100 clients. She was given the leadership award 'Managing remote teams' for great processes set up.

Being a data science senior manager in eClerx, she is currently handling a team of ~25. She is also leading the Analytics Community of Practice at eClerx focused on up-skilling and engagement. 50+ sessions, 8+ competitions & 75+ presenters involved.

Interestingly she has also been visiting faculty for Symbiosis SCMHRD MBA(BA) batch for 4 years, a speaker at a few webinars and several Analytics articles on linked in, KDNuggets and medium. 250+ professionals have benefited from her course ‘Spreadsheet Modeling’, which is also published on Udemy. Her contributions on 'Analytical problem solving' and 'Data story-telling' have been applauded.

Rajneet has a PG(Machine learning) and an MBA(Marketing). She has anchored/performed in >5 500+ audience concerts.

Speaker Links:

Host for 50+ sessions of Data science community of practice and speaker in 3 of them on: 1. Promotional Analytics 2. Data-Science for a Fortune 100 OEM

Guest speaker, SCMHRD Symbiosis, 'Visualization and Story-Telling'

Have 2 seminars planned on 30 May and 6 June, but do not have any links currently.

My Udemy course may help with a glimpse :

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