Building GraphQL APIs with Ariadne - a schema first approach

Rashmi K A (~rashmi51)



If you are a programmer, you would have probably heard about GraphQL. Developed by Facebook, GraphQL is a query language for APIs and is being increasingly adopted in the industry for building APIs. GraphQL is extremely powerful because it enables clients to query exactly what they need, nothing more and nothing less.

In this talk, we aim to give you an overview of GraphQL and how to build GraphQL APIs with Ariadne in Python. Ariadne is a Python library that follows a schema-first approach to building GraphQL APIs. We will show you a walkthrough of how to write a GraphQL schema and how to use Ariadne to resolve queries on this schema.


  1. What is GraphQL? [2 mins]
  2. Taking a break from REST: Why are GraphQL APIs better? [7 mins]
  3. An intro to the Ariadne library - What does it do differently? [2 mins]
  4. Writing schemas with Ariadne [6 mins]
  5. Writing resolvers with Ariadne [6 mins]
  6. A note on the code-first approach [2 mins]
  7. Q&A [5 mins]


  • A basic understanding of how REST APIs work

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Rashmi K A: I am a software engineer at Intuit with just over one year of experience. At work, I work on building core infrastructure and full-stack applications. Away from work, I am an avid programmer and a self-proclaimed Pythonista. I have contributed to a variety of Python open-source projects such as Opentelemetry, Grimoirelab, and Numpy. With just getting started in the industry, I enjoy sharing my learnings with people through a variety of mediums. While I often write posts to share about anything new I come across, this is my first time attempting to speak at a conference.

Prajilesh N: I am a senior software engineer at Intuit with over 5+ years of experience. I have worked with Python for over 6 years and I enjoy programming. I am also an open-source enthusiast and I have contributed to a variety of projects from AWS, Opentelemetry etc.

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