Building Application using Flutter and Django

Shruti Mishra (~shruti80)


The proposed project is both a web and a mobile application. The web application makes use of the Django framework for its structure and Python for the backend. The mobile application uses Flutter, which is a cross-platform for both iOS and Android. The basis of the application would mainly be concerned as a use for Educational Institutes or Business Companies. The application also projects an important feature, that is, Smart Attendance System. The proposed system keeps track of attendance using barcodes. It uses openCV to scan the barcodes. System stores student attendance details and generates a brief report for the administrator. The libraries used for the project are: openpyxl, cv2, pyzbar, xlsxwriter.


1.Introduction (3 minutes)

2.Libraries(5 minutes)

3.Introduction to Flutter(5 minutes)

4.Introduction to Django(5 minutes)

5.Code Walk-through Explanation(10 minutes)

6.Future Prospective(2 minutes)


Basic knowledge of Flutter and Python.

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I am a self-starter with strong interpersonal skills. I work efficiently both as an individual and along with a team. I am still a beginner at speaking community forums but I have relevant skills. I have completed few internships that worked on contributing to open source Projects. Web Development and Graphic Designing are my areas of expertise. I also have knowledge of Python, Java, C and C++. The proposed project is a collaboration with two other Indian Speakers having same expertise and level.

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