Autonomous Person Tracking With Tensorflow & Raspberry Pi

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We live in a society filled with IoT devices all around us that have been getting smart, autonomous, and play a critical role in enhancing our lives. In this talk, we will explore how to build an autonomous security camera that follows a person and continuously focuses the camera towards them, using a Python Program. You can enhance this to do numerous fun things like an autonomous pool soaker that shoots water at people or to shoo away pigeons in your balcony by spraying a few drops of water, just to name a few. With TensorFlow's capabilities and Raspberry Pi's portability and affordability, the possibilities are endless and only limited with your own imagination.

We can do this project by using a Raspberry Pi module, called a Pan-Tilt Hat, and it will continuously follow a person, and move the camera with it, following any person in the view of the camera. We will use Tensorflow's Object Detection to do this, and our own custom Python Code.


A good understanding of Python & how to use it

A basic understanding of what a Raspberry Pi is and how It can be used

Need a Raspberry Pi, breadboard, cables, etc, as well as a pan-tilt-hat and camera module (all comes in a raspberry pi kit)

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I am a 13-Year Old Tech-Enthusiast and YouTuber who loves learning about Python and new things related to Technology. When I learn something new, I share It on my YouTube Channel. I was invited to speak on a technology Podcast about my learning experience and also a global Python Summit, which had a junior and a senior track. I spoke on both tracks.

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