AI/ML in Space Exploration



There are so many researches going on implementing Artificial Intelligence in Space Exploration. Although, like any other application of AI, at the end of the day, we need human interventions in everything AI is capable of. With each innovation, AI comes closer to provide new insights and prove advantageous for humans in exploring the interstellar space with the innovative machine and project and researches.


  • Basic Space Exploration programs by NASA.
  • Introduction to AI/ML.
  • Basic Python

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Firm believer of each-one teach-one , community outreach volunteer. Participated in various Hackathons , volunteered for various socio-economic causes I support. Worked to gain hands-on technical skills such as :

Product Designing: Created ERD , DFD and Validation Sheet according to the client provided FRS. (MS-Excel , MS-PowerPoint) Prototype Development: Coded and programmed a prototype along with data storage into the database while keeping in consideration the above mentioned constraints.(Python , Django , JavaScript , HTML/CSS , Bootstrap , AJAX , JSON , MySQL , PostgreSQL) Data Cleansing: Removed inconsistent data sets , missing values , outliers using various machine learning algorithms through Python libraries like Scikit , Pandas , Matplotlib , etc . Which can be avoided if proper validations are maintained in user provided input fields using jQuery. Analytics: Concluded the result after analysing the datasets present in the database using raw SQL queries if using Django , SQL queries if Python. Optimized Report Generation: Optimized Report Generation process by 10 minutes for 1,30,000 records by researching Reportlab Package methods for various departments in the client org. Researching-ability : Even with limited resources available on the Reportlab package , I successfully understood and employed it. Accuracy: Results produced in report after analysis were precise and with almost negligible error (using interpolation). Automating Business Operation+Data Security + Workflow : I have Department-wise accessibility to the product functionalities and data , employee hierarchy implementation in the product and workflow according to the FRS. User Experience / User Interface: Team meetups with clients for enhancement in user experience by 15% using CSS , Bootstrap4 during the demonstration.

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Section: Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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