A haphazard journey to a generative art twitter bot with matplotlib



Have you ever wondered how many different ways you can tile the two-dimensional plane with squares and equilateral triangles? It turns out there are many more ways than I imagined! I will talk about these fascinating tilings, my various attempts at generating them in python, and using a twitter bot to convey their wide diversity. I will show how I use matplotlib for drawing and animating a tiling, and walk through the library that came out of this work.

- [5 min] why: inspired by a creative toy and other generative art twitter bots
- [10 min] how: representing and growing a tiling in code, matplotlib for drawing and animating a tiling
- [5 min] walk through of the tiling library


No absolute pre-requisites but a familiarity with matplotlib might be helpful.

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I'm a data scientist in New York City working at the Office of the New York State Attorney General. Outside of work, I enjoy learning about and trying my hand at creative coding in python and javascript, and thinking about how we can mitigate climate change with code.

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