What The GIL Means For Containers





This talk covers a very basic introduction to the Python Global Interpreter Lock from the point of view of container operations and deployment, along with the knowledge and tools to architect high quality Python application infrastructure. This includes how various application servers interact with the GIL, what problems is causes from an ops-centric point of view, and best practices for running Python applications efficiently and at scale despite the limitations.


Basic experience with Python itself and with containers. I won't be showing too much actual Python code outside of examples, but it would be hard to understand with no previous knowledge of Python. Similarly I don't talk about too much details about containers outside of the unique challenges they pose, but I also don't explain what containers are.

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You can find a full outline of the talk at https://github.com/coderanger/talk-ideas/blob/master/gil-devops.md#outline

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Noah Kantrowitz is a web developer turned infrastructure automation enthusiast, and all around engineering rabble-rouser. By day he runs infrastructure at Geomagical/IKEA and by night he makes candy and stickers. He is an active member of the DevOps community, and enjoys merge commits, cat pictures, and beards.

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You can find recordings and slides of past talks at https://coderanger.net/talks/.

Section: Developer tools and automation
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