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Yoga, an ancient practice dating back to Vedic literature has transcended boundaries and is quite popular all across the world today. Novel initiatives such as National Yoga Day have rekindled interest in the common folk and many have now made it part of their fitness routines.

Imagine if you could just do your Yoga workout in front of your laptop and obtain insights related to your sessions. Modern computer vision techniques enable us to assess one's pose instantaneously. Python provides a clean interface for developing both the front-end and back-end for a challenging application that requires various machine learning functionalities, multi-threaded programming, and a graphical interface.

Here is the outline of the talk (Total time - 30 mins)

  • Yoga and its popularity - 1 min
  • Deep Learning Recap - 2 mins
  • Modern advances in Computer Vision - 5 mins
  • Python Solution: Design and Implementation
  • Backend - 5 mins
  • Frontend - 5 mins
  • Testing and Demo - 5 mins
  • Lesson Learned - 2 mins
  • Q&A - 5 mins


  • Understanding of Computer Vision, Deep Neural Networks
  • Minimum knowledge of Machine Learning Classifiers
  • Good understanding of front-end programming paradigms
  • Multi-threaded programming concepts

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Pavan is currently working as a Principal Engineer in OSI Digital, specializing in projects on analytics and cloud applications. He also enjoys contributing to open-source repositories, particularly in machine learning and scientific computing. He has completed his undergraduate degree from IIT Bombay and masters from Stanford University.

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