Understanding virtual environments

Christopher Harrison (~GeekTrainer)




While virtual environments are core to Python development, many developers aren't entirely sure what's happening when they create one. We basically just all type python3 -m venv venv rote at the start of every project, but have you really stopped to consider what's happening? Let's remove the mystery! Let's talk through how virtual environments work, their advantages, and how to mange them.

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Christopher got into tech by playing video games and thinking it'd be cool to write some of his own. Somewhere along the path though he found himself doing web development, and then teaching others to do the same. He's focused on training and empowering others for most of his career, and really just loves to play with code. When not in front of a computer he can be found running more miles than is probably healthy, spending time with his wife and four legged child (a dog named Sammy), and dreaming of travel adventures.

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