Understanding a Heap Exploitation with pwndbg debugger.





  • Understand a Heap memory and ways malloc() uses them.
  • Ways a Heap allocation can be exploited and gain a shell access.
  • Debug the Heap corruption, writing a shellcode and investigate this with pwndbg (https://github.com/pwndbg/pwndbg) .
  • pwndbg (/poʊndbæg/) is a GDB plug-in that makes debugging with GDB suck less, with a focus on features needed by low-level software developers, hardware hackers, reverse-engineers and exploit developers.


A Ubuntu system with basic installations (gcc, gdb, vim etc), and a source code with pwndbg for demonstration.

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I am a member of Kernel security team in Red Hat, This presentation will mostly have security as a basic content. This will need a basic C language understanding.

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Hello Everyone, My name is Rohit Keshri, works as Product Security Engineer in Kernel Space in Red Hat.

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Section: Networking and Security
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