Time and Space Complexity in Python

Yogendra Singh (~yogendra35)




We'll be talking about how objects are stored in memory and how to reduce Time and Space. It will help you a lot to reduce time in any field, like Software development, Web Development & Data Science, AI & ect. 1) Memory management 2) Reference count 3) Garbage collection 4) Data Type Size 5) Time Complexity 6) Space Complexity 7) Type of Data Structure 8) Example of Time and Space Complexity 9) Q&A


Basic Python

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I am a Freelance enthusiastic Data Scientist. graduated in 2017 from RU, and have been using Python for about 2+ years. I have worked in various domains 1) AI 2) Unity 3D ( Game Development) 3) Cyber Security 4) Desktop Application

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Section: Core Python
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