The website story

arjoonn sharma (~theSage21)




The idea is to spin a tale about how and why websites are built the way they are built today.

  • A program to share a file via a network.
    • We write a mini python program that binds to port 80 and serves a folder
  • Standardizing the files which are served.
    • We start writing simple HTML files
  • Bringing names into the picture.
    • Configure DNS so that we can access this IP by name
  • index.html + directory listing
    • Start showing directory listings
    • Switch to nginx instead of homespun file share system
    • A folder structure as a website
  • Template systems
    • Generate HTML using templates
    • Reuse common elements
  • HTML generators
    • Generate html using other sources of info
    • markdown to html
    • ipynb to html
  • User accounts in static sites
    • How to allow people to have private info on a static site?
  • Dynamic user accounts
    • Connecting HTML to databases
    • Store user account info in databases
    • Write a simple upstream web server to serve this info wrapped in HTML
  • WSGI
    • What is wsgi
    • Write a wsgi app
    • Use it with your wsgi server written in previous phase
  • Starting dynamic sites
    • Replace wsgi server with gunicorn
    • Write your own web framework
  • The popular frameworks
    • Hello world in Django
    • Hello world in Flask

Then we take a moment to realize just how complicated modern websites can be.


  • Linux dev environment. Preferably ubuntu

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I work as a web dev in my day job. Been doing things with python since 2013

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