The Hitchhiker's Guide to test factories for testing your applications.

Ratan Kulshreshtha (~RatanShreshtha)




Testing your application is really important aspect of the whole software building process and having the right kind of data for your tests are also really important. People uses many ways to create data for testing purposes, but I am here to convince you that test factories are one of the best ways to do that and how they make life easier for the developers and tester.

Basic Outline

  • Why testing is important ?
  • Importance of test data in your testing process ?
  • Comparison of few conventional ways of generating test data
  • Manually creating the test data
  • Copying your data from prod servers
  • Using static fixtures
  • Introduction to test factories
  • Benefits of test factories over conventional ways of test data generation
  • Few gotcha and real life examples
  • Demo

Who is this talk for?

This talk is for anyone who want to test some piece of code in an easy way be it a web application, just a cli or some side project.


  • Basic understanding of Python
  • Basic understanding of any test runner
  • Basic understanding of any orm

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Speaker Info:

Hi, my name is Ratan Kulshreshtha, and I live in Pune, Maharastra, India. I’m a software engineer at Telstra India. Apart from that I am

  • Pythonista
  • Djangonaut
  • Linux User
  • Photographer

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