SurveilPy - Writing a Monitoring library to display metrics of a remote server on Terminal UI from scratch

Yashvardhan Kukreja (~yashvardhan)




Problem Statement There are a plethora of ways of monitoring your remotely hosted servers on some public cloud. And monitoring them is a crucial deed considering the fact that it helps you facilitate scaling decisions. Now, setting up monitoring is a hectic task like dealing with elasticsearch, logstash, kibana, grafana, Prometheus and what not.

About my talk I'll talk and teach live about building a monitoring library, surveilpy, from scratch in Python which will display all the relevant metrics like CPU Usage, memory usage, diskio, file, network bandwidth and what not on the Terminal UI itself in the form of gauges, piecharts, histograms and line charts. The terminal itself is going to have UI embedded in it.

So, install surveilpy and just execute one command to fetch and display every possible relevant metric of your remote server in front of your eyes, on the terminal itself!


  1. Decent idea of python.
  2. Decent conceptual idea of monitoring tools like metricbeat and packet beat.
  3. Basic conceptual idea of Elasticsearch.

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I am a Backend developer, DevOps Engineer and a Certified Cloud architect. I love to deal with distributed systems and love to automate "boring" stuff with python. Apart from that, I have a knack for spreading knowledge by speaking at tech conferences and meetups and writing tech blogs. And in my free time, you'll probably find me reading about quantum computing or wrapping my head around some open source repos or just running.

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